2017-2018 Brook Hill Annual Report


Because of your commitment to The Brook Hill School, we were able to bridge the gap between tuition and the true cost to educate each student. Your gifts allowed us to provide a comprehensive, quality, Christ-centered, college preparatory education for 645 students. You helped pay teacher salaries, award financial aid, and enhance our classrooms and extra-curricular programs.

together we raised


for the brook hill fund.



2017-2018 Income & Expenses: The Brook Hill School



Tuition & Fees: $10,643,569

Giving: $789,050

Other (Booster Club, SOFA and Misc. Income): $949,386

Total: $12,382,005


Salary & Benefits: $5,911,004

Financial Aid: $1,852,677

Maintenance: $493,097

General & Administrative: $2,441,445

Student Services: $1,596,410

Total: $12,294,633


It is hard to believe that we have concluded our 21st year with many new programs on the horizon.

On behalf of The Board of Trustees, allow me to express our appreciation for your continued loyalty and support for The Brook Hill School. Your generous gifts not only honor God but also enable Brook Hill to offer excellence in college preparatory education and allow our students to reach their full potential.

I am pleased to report to you the following:

• We completed a successful annual fund campaign, placing the school in a sound financial condition. We are confident that we can achieve our goals that have been set for this year.

• The school remains faithful to its mission. With ever-increasing challenges from the secular world, Brook Hill continues to be a "shining city on a hill" that seeks to honor God in all that we do through educating and developing young men and women to be all that they can be.

• We steadily continue the implementation of our strategic plan.

• The school is vibrant and growing.  Additional programming, staff, and enrollment have provided a continued sense of excitement as we see God shaping Brook Hill into what He wants it to be.  With the completion of the new boarding houses, our capacity is at a set maximum of 120.  Thanks to project-specific grants, construction has begun on the new student store/business lab as well as the new memorial adjacent to the Museum honoring all who served and those who were lost in every conflict since Vietnam.  We continue to be in  the early silent phase of a capital campaign for the long-anticipated fine arts center.  This will complete the Quadrangle and provide much needed space for this renowned aspect of our school.

Together, let us all continue to humbly enjoy the experience of being a part of the Brook Hill family and the rich blessings that God has bestowed upon us.


Stephen Dement

Chairman, Board of Trustees

Founder of The Brook Hill School


From the desk of Rod Fletcher, Head of School at The Brook Hill School

Brook Hill has come so far in 20 years. As we read about Christian schools across the country struggling, and even closing, it is encouraging to be part of a vibrant, thriving, growing school. Innovation, creativity and excellence have definitely been characteristic of Brook Hill. We are constantly developing, adapting, and discovering new ways to impact, train, and challenge students. Brook Hill has been a model for great Christian education and the past 20 years have been exciting. 

As I look ahead, I am extremely excited about the next 20 years and beyond - the opportunities are endless. I envision a campus that is fully built to provide students with a tremendous education. I envision a fine arts building finishing off the Upper School Quad. I envision innovative programs in the arts, athletics and academics. But most of all I clearly see a school that holds the line when it comes to teaching students the truth in a culture that is bent on teaching them lies. This has always been the Brook Hill way and we are committed to continuing that high standard as we launch into the future.

This Annual Report recognizes and celebrates those who have made sacrificial gifts to The Brook Hill School. An investment in our school directly supports our incredible faculty and enriches the experience of all of our students, from our youngest learners to our twelfth grade leaders.  Without the amazing support from a community of parents, grandparents, teachers, alumni, and friends of Brook Hill, it would be impossible to achieve the mission and vision of The Brook Hill School.   

I am thankful for each person who supports The Brook Hill School and is making a true and lasting impact on the lives of young people.


Rod Fletcher

Head of School, The Brook Hill School